An Interstellar Expedition through Vivid Sydney

internal galaxy_quinn connors

Let Vivid blast you into hyper­space with these inter­stel­lar instal­la­tions as you shoot past the moon and stars, and into another galaxy far, far away.

A Light Year Ahead by Steensen Varm­ing, Australia

Cle­land Bond Build­ing, Play­fair St, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Vis­i­tors are blasted out of this world in this ‘space ele­va­tor’ sim­u­lat­ing an astro­nom­i­cal take off. Mov­ing galac­tic images, a mir­rored floor, and a ceil­ing and walls lit by pro­jec­tions set to a futur­is­tic sound­track trans­port space trav­ellers A Light Year Ahead on the ulti­mate space odyssey in just a mat­ter of sec­onds. 

Ayla by Steensen Varm­ing, Australia

Cir­cu­lar Quay West – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Cast­ing the essence of the moon through pro­jec­tion and a halo of light, Ayla demon­strates the sur­real beauty of twilight’s nat­ural light. Every night the sil­hou­ette changes as it moves in sync with the phases of the moon.

Internal Galaxy. Image by Hayley Wood

The Milky Laneway by Kate & Marty, Australia

Cam­bridge St, The Rocks — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

The night sky moves closer to Earth in this laneway instal­la­tion of meteor show­ers, shoot­ing stars and super­nova. As you travel through the laneway, our solar sys­tem comes alive as galac­tic effects flow and swirl, stars align and red dwarfs and blue giants twin­kle. 

Inter­nal Galaxy by AJde­signCo. & Andrew Wil­son, New Zealand

Hick­son Road Reserve, The Rocks — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

A six-meter ship­ping con­tainer has been trans­formed into a mind-bending uni­verse. Com­prised of hun­dreds of lights from floor to ceil­ing, this psy­che­delic galaxy bounces and reflects a mul­ti­tude of colours off mir­rored walls, as you’re pulled fur­ther and fur­ther into this por­tal to an alter­nate dimension.