A Night of Play at Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney 2015 InterPlay at Cadmans Cottage. Image coutesy of Destination NSW

With games, child­hood toys and lit­tle mon­sters that dance, kids young and old will love play­ing with these inter­ac­tive light works.

INTER/play by The Pro­pa­ganda Mill, Australia

Cad­mans Cot­tage, Bar­ney & Bligh Reserve, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

By cap­tur­ing your move­ments and reac­tions, then pro­ject­ing them through colour and graph­ics, INTER/play rein­tro­duces Sydney’s old­est res­i­den­tial build­ing as an inter­ac­tive can­vas. Every per­son in the area becomes part of the work cre­at­ing a unique image every time.

Toy Shad­ows by Har­manto Nguyen, Australia

Between Piers 6/7 & 4/5, Hick­son Rd, Walsh Bay – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Using the sim­plic­ity of graphic cutouts and a sin­gle light source, Har­manto Nguyen cre­ates a sur­real world of shad­owy fig­ures that take you on a safari or travel with you into the future. Dif­fer­ent scenes play out as you approach the work and begin to inter­act with this play­fully mys­te­ri­ous installation.

Vivid Sydney 2015. Monster WorldMon­ster World by Dune, Australia

Play­fair St, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Mon­ster World is an alter­nate uni­verse where crea­tures with an affin­ity for dance appear out of a beam of light to mimic ges­tures and fol­low your move­ments. The more peo­ple who enter this world ruled by illu­mi­nated mon­sters, the more the inhab­i­tants come out to play.

Swing Glow by NBRS+PARTNERS & Fiona Venn, Australia

First Fleet Park, George St, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Who doesn’t love a good push on a swing from time to time? Let your ‘big per­son’ guard down and take off into the night on one of the glow­ing swing sets near the MCA. The higher you go, the faster you go, the more the swing changes in colour, light and sound. 

Duck Duck Goose by Tem­pest Tech­ni­cal Light­ing, Australia

First Fleet Park, George St, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Tem­pest Tech­ni­cal Light­ing cre­ates a mas­sive game of this child­hood clas­sic with a cir­cle of illu­mi­nated drums that respond to ambi­ent light, touch and sound. Once you’ve come within a few cen­time­ters of the instal­la­tion, the game begins.

Dolly, Vivid Sydney 2015

Dolly by Tina Fox, Australia

Campbell’s Cove – 22 May to 08 July, 6pm ‘til midnight

Hand­crafted entirely out of cot­ton rope and LED strip-lights, this giant Dolly sits three-meter high wait­ing for vis­i­tors to give her a hug and grab a selfie. The instal­la­tion plays on child­hood mem­o­ries of dolls, night­lights and cud­dly teddy bears, which the artist illu­mi­nates on the grand scale.

a game of drones by Intel

Mar­tin Place – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

As a Vivid first, vis­i­tors are chal­lenged to a game of drones. Fly your very own drone, send­ing it into the air (although within an enclo­sure) in an ulti­mate bumper bat­tle to the top.