A Melodious Evening at Vivid Sydney

MCA_Silvia Li Photography

Explore the rhythm of the night with these light instal­la­tions that encour­age you to cre­ate your own Vivid soundtracks.

Threads by Res­o­nance, Australia

Cle­land Bond Build­ing, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Based on the Res­o­nance team’s ethos that ‘per­sonal con­nec­tions are impor­tant con­trib­u­tors to hap­pi­ness’, this light instal­la­tion beck­ons you to engage with oth­ers to pro­duce your own sound­track. Col­lab­o­rate with the per­son next to you to design a musi­cal mas­ter­piece of light out of inter­twined lines, shapes and par­ti­cles that sig­nify con­nec­tions and rela­tion­ships forged in life.

The Laser Harp by Uni­ver­sity of Syd­ney Optics Stu­dent Chap­ter, Australia

Between Piers 4/5 & 2/3, Hick­son Rd, Walsh Bay – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Strum The Laser Harp to per­form a melody, which in turn cre­ates an accom­pa­ny­ing ani­ma­tion of nat­ural and sub­ur­ban beauty. As you pluck more notes, the scenes con­tinue to adapt and trans­form to the music. This musi­cal work was devel­oped as a tool to spread knowl­edge about the nature of light, and to incite curios­ity around the waves of light, sound, water and mat­ter that sur­round us daily.

Beatdice Vivid Sydney 2015

Beat­dice by Toby K, Australia

First Fleet Park, Cir­cu­lar Quay – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Con­duct a musi­cal mash-up with these stack­able sen­sor cubes or Beat­dice. Impro­vise some tunes with oth­ers and watch as your song flashes and glows to the beat.

Drum Cir­cle by Kate & Marty, Australia

Mar­tin Place – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Will you drum up the courage to bang out an illu­mi­nated beat in the mid­dle of Mar­tin Place? The lights in and around the instal­la­tion con­nect to the drums, chang­ing in colours and pace to the unique rhythm you produce.

Piano Stairs by Reuben Young, Andrew Hand­mer, Jes­sica Chalker, Annalie Kil­lian & Tim Carr, Australia

AMP Build­ing, Cir­cu­lar Quay – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Tickle the ivories with your toot­sies on the Piano Stairs in Cir­cu­lar Quay. Can you get that ‘Heart & Soul’ duet going? Or will you just stick to up and down scales? At least you get a workout.