An Ethereal Exploration of Vivid Sydney

Arclight. Image courtesy of Destination NSW

Discover the ethe­real world of Vivid that haunts laneways in The Rocks and enchants vis­i­tors with its sur­real light and sound.

The Milky Laneway by Kate & Marty, Australia

Cam­bridge St, The Rocks — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

The night sky moves closer to Earth in this laneway instal­la­tion of meteor show­ers, shoot­ing stars and super­nova. As you travel through the laneway, our solar sys­tem comes alive as galac­tic effects flow and swirl, stars align and red dwarfs and blue giants twinkle.

Tidal Reed Garden. Image by @hollie_martin

Tidal Reed Gar­den by Aura, Australia

Campbell’s Cove — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

This gar­den of reeds bobs and sways with the move­ments of Syd­ney Harbour’s swell, tidal pat­terns and pass­ing boats. Using bio­mimicry, Aura’s artists Gioia Mur­ray and Louise Jarvis design to cel­e­brate and emu­late nature’s beauty and ‘time-tested’ patterns.

Arclight by Stu­dio Work­shop + Mat­sys, Aus­tralia & USA

Hick­son Road Reserve, The Rocks — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

In its enchant­ing, immer­sive world, Arclight draws form from Australia’s native man­groves and emits chang­ing colours and pat­terns influ­enced by the sur­round­ing envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions – tem­per­a­ture, humid­ity, wind speed.
Internal Galaxy. Image by @clarisse022Ayla. Image by @dropinking

Inter­nal Galaxy by AJde­signCo. & Andrew Wil­son, New Zealand

Hick­son Road Reserve, The Rocks — 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

A six-meter ship­ping con­tainer has been trans­formed into a mind-bending uni­verse. Com­prised of hun­dreds of lights from floor to ceil­ing, this psy­che­delic galaxy bounces and reflects a mul­ti­tude of colours off mir­rored walls, as you’re pulled fur­ther and fur­ther into this por­tal to an alter­nate dimension.

Ayla by Steensen Varm­ing, Australia

Cir­cu­lar Quay West – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

Cast­ing the essence of the moon through pro­jec­tion and a halo of light, Ayla demon­strates the sur­real beauty of twilight’s nat­ural light. Every night the sil­hou­ette changes as it moves in sync with the phases of the moon.
The Dresses, Vivid Sydney 2015. Image by @Tom_Brassil

The Dresses by Tae Gon Kim, France

Kendall Ln, The Rocks – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

These fiber-optic ghostly gowns shim­mer and float in the dark as they haunt the streets of The Rocks, chang­ing in colour and lead­ing you to an ethe­real, oth­er­worldly realm.

Sub­merged by Sin­clair Park, Australia

Campbell’s Cove Jetty – 22 May to 08 June, 6pm ‘til midnight

The waters beneath the jetty emanate a mys­te­ri­ous light, ques­tion­ing what lies below in the ‘unknow­able void of the Sub­merged’.